Eco Friendly Reusable Canadian Flag Coffee Sleeve

Eco Friendly Reusable Canadian Flag Coffee Sleeve


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Eco Friendly, hand made, reversible coffee sleeves.

This sleeve features a fun blue and red canoe print. It is adjustable with a velcro closure and sized to fit various take out cups as well as thermal double walled coffee/tea cups.

The lining of the sleeve is up-cycled from designer offcuts. By incorporating this viable fabric into these sleeves, it prevents the fabric from heading to the landfill. The sleeves are adjustable in size thanks to the velcro closure. They are incredibly durable. 

The sleeve measures approximately 3" in width (when the velcro is fastened). When fully opened and laying flat, the sleeve measures approximately 11.25" long.

Please note that the pattern placement on the fabric may differ slightly from that pictured, but that the maker aims to make them as similar as possible.