Canada Connections Card Game


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Are you ready to have fun while expanding both your knowledge of Canadiana and your knowledge of French?

This bilingual card game celebrates all things Canadian. 150 cards relate to Canada's 150th birthday.

Designed and manufactured completely in Canada, the Canada 150 Connections game is the second in a series of tabletop word games in which players connect related words. This version focuses exclusively on Canada with 150 cards containing 600 words in both French and English. There are over 4,000 known connections between the words on the cards.

Like a cross between Scrabble ™ and dominoes, the game lets players connect words related to our culture, heritage, geography, politics, science, inventions, history, veterans, flora and fauna.

Although the game is about connecting words, it is really a game about connecting people. It promotes face-to-face communication for teams, families, schools and friends.

With 20 modes of play, it’s a really fun way to expand your knowledge of Canada while enhancing your French, cooperatively or competitively.

Comes with an online parent and teachers guide which explains each of the 600 words and their connections.