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'Mindful ABCs' ~ A Children's Book - Guest Post by Writer & Illustrator Tamara Hackett

Hello all, I am Tamara. Author/Illustrator of children’s book: Mindful ABCs. I’m here today in hopes that I can share how (and why) I have designed this book to be a meaningful part of the time you spend with the little ones in your life. 

Children’s books have always been one of my favorite things in life. Any excuse to sit quietly is a good time, in my mind. Sprinkle in my need for anything visual, color and simplicity and it is pretty much a perfect recipe. 

The love of books began the journey, and then came working with children, becoming a mother and striving to share something meaningful with the world. 

I consider it a privilege to join readers for that moment. It’s a big responsibility. I can recall more than once, starting to read a book then halfway through realizing that I completely disagreed with either the use of language, way of problem solving or subject matter (Now I pre-read…lesson learned). 

Mindful ABCs is my way of embracing that special quiet time.  Then expanding it by encouraging conversations to surround the concepts in the book. The book goes through each letter of the alphabet and simply defines a word that (I believe) is worth talking about. Presence. Love. Appreciation. 

Then I included little animals on each page – so if talking about thoughts is a bit too much to comprehend at the time, there is a friendly little turtle there to hang out with on the page. Because T can be for Thoughts aaaand Turtle, after all.  

Overall though, the best thing I have heard people say about the book, (from kids and adults) is that is brings a feeling of peace and calmness. No bigger compliment could be bestowed upon me – as it was absolutely my intent. I wanted the words and images on the page to evoke something good in its readers. I wanted it to be a cozy place to pause and feel what a word could mean. All while being fun, beautiful and easy to read. 

That is why I am so pleased to offer this book here amongst the hand selected items Kelly has chosen to represent Canadian products and entrepreneurs. I am hoping that it compliments the already cozy items like Moose & Mouse Felt Campfire Set and the lovely assortment of Coal and Canary and Campy Home brand candles. It seems like the perfect home. So, thank you so much for having Mindful ABCs (and me) here. 






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