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A Valentine's Card for 25 Different Types of "Lovers"

Please enjoy this fun compilation of Valentine's Day appropriate cards for up to 25 different kinds of "lovers". And while I am not judging, I am talking about those with many different interests/personalities and not actual romantic partners. That seems like a lot of work.
xo Kelly


1. A Plant (or 'Jerry Maguire') Lover
2. Still in the friend zone (& will be reminded that they are not quite "lover" status)
3. Sushi Lover



4. Music Lover (& won't be mad you put this song in their head)
5. Pizza Lover
6. A Nerdy (and owns it!) Lover



7. Loves to "Netflix and Chill"

8. For those with "multiple lovers"
9. & 10. Lover of the Great Outdoors (or Hunting & Fishing)
11. Donut Lover



12. Loves Minimalism (or Tic Tac Toe)

13. Potty Mouthed, Brunch Lover
14. Book Lover
15. Loves Colour & Confetti
16. Loves 'The Beatles'
17. Lover of Star Wars (and more particularly, Yoda)
Loves Yoda (& Star Wars)
18. Syrupy Sweet Lover

19. Loves Unicorns (or is one!)

20. & 21. Bacon Lovers


22. & 23. Breakfast Lovers


24. Loves Long Term Commitments 

25. Loves "dancing to the beat of their own drum"
A few additional ways to "jazz" up your cards are by using fun address labels on the envelope, along with some heart shaped stickers:

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