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How to make your house guests feel welcome. Small suggestions to make a big impact.

A lot of you may have spent the summer hosting house guests, or being a houseguest. There is something really special about feeling welcomed and wanted. Here are six suggestions to help you do the same for your future company.

1. FRESH FLOWERS - you don't have to break the bank by buying dozens of gorgeous roses. Some simple and classic greens mixed with some twigs, berries or brightly coloured flowers will add a pop of life and zest to their guest room. 

2. SNACKS - sometimes your guests will have driven or flown a long way to get to you. If you know some of their favourite snack foods, include a few in a little dish or basket beside the bed. Some suggestions are granola bars, fruit bars, snap pea crisps, chocolate, lollipops, and gummy candy. You never know if a time change or jet lag will have them up all hours of the night, and they likely won't feel comfortable rummaging through your house to find food. Perhaps consider leaving some little bottles of sparkling water, or a carafe of still water on their nightstand as well.

3. A COZY ACCESSORY - this is something like a cozy throw pillow or blanket that you make a specific point of telling them is available for their comfort. Perhaps it is a fan or heater. In this case, we adore the Velveteen "Enjoy your Stay" pillow from the Dayna Lee Collection ($50.00). Something so small can make a big difference.

4. INDULGENCE ITEMS - these can be small little items that help your guests to relax and unwind. Consider putting out a fresh bar of your favourite soap, container of lotion, or a new lip balm. Perhaps consider accompanying it with a warm and inviting candle. Some of our favourite indulgence items include the Fresh Grapefruit Lip Balm by Bare English ($4.50), Margaritaville Soap by The Happy Hippy Soap Company ($6.00), and GARDEN Whipped Body Moisturizer by Haven Living ($18.00). The 110 Calories soy and vegetable wax blend candle by Coal and Canary contains notes of almond, dark chocolate and vanilla and is warm and inviting when lit ($25.00).


5. NOTEBOOK - this small gesture can be special for any guest, but especially those that are new to your city or country. Leave the notebook, along with a pen, and encourage them to write down highlights from their visit/vacation. Maybe they went to a neat art gallery or enjoyed a wonderful meal out. A notebook can also help organize the order in which places a were seen, as that can easily get confusing. The notebook used here is the "Canadian Beaver" Field Notebook by Mehoi ($6.00)

6. NOTE - consider leaving a small little handwritten note welcoming them and letting them you know you are happy to have them as your guest. The one pictured below is the black polka dots mini notecard by Wrinkle and Crease Paper Products ($2.25). Such a small gesture can really set the tone for their stay.

One last little suggestion that we have is to leave a small tented card on the nightstand containing your wifi password. This way your guests can easily access the internet at any time during their stay.

We would love to know what little things you do to make your guests feel extra special. Thanks for reading, and we hope that you look forward to hosting your next round of company!

xo Kelly

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