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Where it all began...

Hi, it's Kelly here!  I'm Little Blue Canoe's founder and I'm so glad you popped in!

I thought it would be fun to share with you the story of how LBC came to be.  While the online shop came to fruition over the past few years, the idea itself has been percolating for decades!

I have to say it all REALLY started when I was in second grade.  Our class had this awesome thing called the "Birthday Envelope."  Every time a classmate had a birthday, each of us would give the birthday boy or girl a card.  The feeling created by giving and receiving those cards has always stuck with me.  Almost 30 years later, I still have my envelope of birthday cards from grade two! (My Husband would argue I am a packrat and not just sentimental).

When I hit my tweens, my love for giving and receiving cards expanded into gifts.  One of my favourite parts of family vacations was picking out a little something to bring home for my friends.  I was intent on finding the perfect keychain, mug, or pen for each special buddy.  When I found something that was just right, it felt like magic.

I continue to feel that magic today.  I believe there is incredible power in kindness and acknowledging others.  Life doesn't require "milestone moments" in order to make someone feel special.  If you ask me, it's about the thought -- not the dollar value.  LBC combines my love of finding the perfect card or gift with my love of celebrating others. The shop also highlights my love of my awesome home - Canada.  This country has so many passionate visionaries and creators that are so excited to share their products with you. 

xo Kelly

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